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Forking paths

Julio Alan Lepez

Even though reading the wording weaved by Pablo´s works is actually possible, the eye first confronted by a bewildering and amazing vortex or words.

This bewilderment is, of course, intentional.

We built our world with words, we define ourselves through words, and words are then, so to speak, our map.

Here this mapping system has very cleverly been transformed into a maze.

And our anxiety for directions becomes entangled in the web.

Some works may appear us as maps of this labyrinth, others as mere pieces or it, but all carry an archaeological air, a slight trace of a strange an yet familiar world, inhabited by trivial objects once and for all stripped of their cover.

Thus, the words that usually guide is become our doom: their threads unsettle us, and we cannot tell whether the words shape the object or whether the words are actually the object.

And even though it is possible to work our way through the maze, the metaphor remains intact.


Julio Alan Lepez 2010